Building a 21st century international investment bank that is values led and results focused

The founding ethos of the Heligan Group remains as strong as ever: a belief that clients’ objectives must always be delivered in an honest, fair and transparent way; and a desire to offer greater societal and community value through our support for security and safety-oriented organisations.

Heligan prides itself on adhering to the highest environmental, social and corporate governance practices. Not just fine words but demonstrated every day by our direct investment portfolio across the SecTech market.

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Our guiding principles

When businesses are seeking to choose their advisory or investment partner, it’s important to recognise every facet of our work is underpinned by the same guiding set of principles:

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Collaborative, client focused outcomes

Taking time to listen and understand not just where clients want to get to but how they want to get there

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Building long-term strategic relationships

Marrying the expert adviser with the critical friend to power and sustain success

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Acting with integrity, trust and respect

Always remembering our values and treating others as we would like to be treated