Understanding tomorrow to make better decisions today

Join us on a fascinating journey through time, back to the Victorian era, where the art of predicting the future flourished with crystal ball gazing, astrology, palmistry, the curious practice of oneiromancy (interpretation of dreams to support predictions) and even numerology (which is the use of numbers to interpret a person’s character or to divine the future). While these methods might capture the imagination, today at Heligan Strategic Insights (HSI), we've moved far beyond the mystical to harness actionable intelligence that informs better business decisions.

These days our gaze towards the horizon is sharpened not by mystic arts but by rigorous intelligence processes. The HSI division is pivotal in discerning the threats and opportunities that define our strategic landscape. Through our work, we generate valuable insights that not only guide the Heligan Group but also empower our portfolio companies and a broad network of clients and partners.

HSI is renowned for producing a wealth of research that informs both internal strategy and external engagement. Our resources range from in-depth reports to enlightening opinion posts, all aimed at providing the latest insights into the financial services market. 

Our approach blends traditional intelligence methods with modern analytical techniques, leveraging a team with nearly 60 years of collective experience in intelligence gathering. This team is bolstered by the Heligan Network - a group of over 100 global experts from diverse fields such as government, academia, and industry - bringing an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and perspective.

The services offered by HSI are comprehensive:

  • Network Development and Access: Expanding connections and fostering relationships that drive strategic opportunities.
  • Intelligence Collection and Collation: Assembling critical data to build a coherent picture of the landscape.
  • Consultancy Services: Providing expert advice that translates into effective strategies and actions.
  • Thought Leadership: Crafting materials that lead the conversation in our industry, from detailed reports to insightful presentations.

HSI isn't just about assembling a formidable array of experts and information; it’s about transforming this wealth of knowledge into actionable strategies that make a tangible difference. Our consultancy work, in particular, is tailored to meet specific objectives, utilising the full spectrum of HSI’s capabilities to deliver targeted outcomes.

As we continue to invest in security and technology businesses within the key sectors of National Security, Crime Prevention, and Public Safety, HSI provides insights that aren’t just hard to find - they're nearly impossible to obtain anywhere else. This unique vantage point allows us to anticipate future trends and make informed decisions that benefit our investors and partners.

Interested in gaining an edge with Heligan Strategic Insights? Reach out to discover how our unique approach to investment and advisory services can benefit your strategic goals. Let’s look to the future together, armed with the best intelligence the world has to offer.