Buying a business

When pursuing a business acquisition, partnering with experienced, proven professionals like Heligan Corporate Finance ensures better decision-making and a seamless transaction process.

We collaborate closely with you to pinpoint and negotiate strategic acquisitions that accelerate your growth. Utilising our comprehensive network and advanced technology, we identify and engage the most suitable targets, streamlining the acquisition to align perfectly with your strategic goals.

We understand the range of factors involved in acquisitions, from accessing new products and markets to integrating diverse teams and our extensive experience enhances the probability  of your success. Furthermore, we recognise the importance of cultural compatibility and robust integration plans in securing a successful acquisition. Our team also offers comprehensive debt advisory services to finance your acquisition, expertly managing the multiple, complex workstreams in parallel to allow you to focus on running your business.

Our comprehensive buy-side services

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Strategic growth reviews: Assessing key growth opportunities

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Market mapping: Identifying potential acquisition targets

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Valuation analysis: Determining accurate target valuations

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Network leverage: Accessing targets through direct approaches

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Negotiation support: Assisting with deal negotiations

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Project management: Facilitating deal planning and execution

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Debt advisory: Advising on financing options

Buying a business FAQs: Your questions answered

  • How do I identify the right targets?

    Understanding your strategic goals is our first step. We challenge and refine your acquisition strategy to ensure it aligns with your business objectives. Leveraging our broad sector experience and in-depth research capabilities, we define clear target parameters and create detailed profiles of potential acquisition targets.

  • How should I approach a potential target?

    Using our vast network of intermediaries and direct contacts, we can access key decision-makers within your target business discreetly and confidentially. We carefully create our communications to highlight your interest and the strategic reasons behind it, ensuring a tailored and effective approach.

  • How much should I pay for a business?

    Valuing a business is complex, requiring a blend of technical expertise and market insight. We analyse each business’s unique characteristics, compare it to similar transactions and market standards, and consider the synergistic value it could bring to your company. This thorough evaluation helps us advise you on a fair and strategic price before negotiations begin.

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