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28th November, 2023
ChatGPT turns one

As Chat GTP turns one at the end of November, we thought it appropriate to take some time to celebrate the youngster’s breakout year. And it very much feels as though the posterchild for future AI is in many ways analogous to a young child. Very much a year of finding its feet, hungry for knowledge and growing rapidly, and while it’s not clear what sort of a teenager or adult it will become, it is here to stay and clearly intent on making an impact!

30th June, 2023
AI – The 4th Industrial Revolution?

You simply can’t avoid reading, listening, or watching news about the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) or indeed the collective hand wringing, angst and arguments about the ethics of sentient machines, nefarious AI taking over the world or even the whole thing presenting an existential threat to humankind.

HSI news

October 2023
Upcoming Spotlight report from Heligan Strategic Insights

In early November 2023, Heligan will be releasing its latest Spotlight report that takes a critical look at a post-conflict Ukraine and assesses eight key areas it will need to successfully address as it emerges from its brutal war with Russia.

October 2023
Warning from Lloyd's of London: Major Cyberattacks Could Cost Global Economy $3.5 Trillion in GDP Over 5 Years

Lloyd's of London's recent warning about a potential $3.5 trillion drop in global GDP over five years due to a major cyberattack on payment systems underscores the growing threat of AI-assisted network attacks, with the United States, China, and Japan identified as the most vulnerable nations.

Heligan Group news

February 2024
Heligan Group adds Wealth Management business

Heligan Group announces exciting developments in its Wealth Management sector with the acquisition of Hay Hill Wealth, rebranding to Heligan Wealth Management.

January 2024
Independent Investigation completes

Alex Chalk, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, releases statement on independent investigation.

December 2023
Heligan Group announces the appointment of four Senior Advisors to the Board.

Heligan Group welcomes four distinguished Senior Advisors, marking a significant step in its expansion and commitment to global safety and security.

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