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Heligan Strategic Insights (HSI) is the division within Heligan that provides intelligence for the rest of the group, enabling us to make smarter, better informed decisions. It is led by two Partners and is supported by an extensive team of experts who have operated at the top of their fields of specialism.

Unrivalled knowledge

Our HSI team has access to a growing network of advisors who have deep subject matter knowledge in their fields and are domiciled across the globe providing international reach. This network has an overarching emphasis on National Security, Public Safety and Law Enforcement.

Their understanding of government intent together with their knowledge of the private sector, both in terms of established companies and innovators, reflects this focus. Put together, HSI possesses an unparalleled range of operational experience and industrial skills.

                    Unrivalled knowledge

Resource Library

Our HSI team creates materials covering the latest technological trends, threat analysis and legislative changes that impact on National Security and Crime Prevention here in the UK and globally. They also offer deeper dives into often opaque areas of government and their emerging needs and market analysis into key areas of opportunity.

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Intelligent investments

On each transaction HSI is a fully integrated part of the Investment Team providing intelligence, deep sector knowledge, domestic and international networks, access to new customers and buyers, technical due-diligence and customer profiling.

HSI and its networks bring strategic and operational insight, and in many cases have a hands-on role, either via specific projects or as members of portfolio company boards. 

                    Intelligent investments

                    Advising the advisors

Advising the advisors

Working closely with Heligan Corporate Finance, HSI provides our analysts, associates and directors with the intelligence and insights they need to provide advice to clients that is unparalleled. HSI and Heligan Corporate Finance work hand in hand to build out the technical tools and capabilities the Group needs to remain at the very cutting edge of buying and selling businesses.

Market analysis

HSI produces deep sector market analysis and research reports, pooling our knowledge with that from across our international network, which is then used to showcase our knowledge with vendors. These reports also give rise to significant benefits across the entire Heligan Group, especially in the identification of emerging technologies, market needs, and geopolitical trends.

HSI has established a sector matrix, formalised from our comprehensive expertise and extensive industry networks spanning several market segments that have been developed over many years. This sector-based structure brings in-depth domain knowledge to the Heligan Group, including insights for our Corporate Finance division, and provides a thematic framework for our investment strategy.

                    Market analysis

HSI assists portfolio companies and drives value by:

Enhancing presence to support portfolio companies’ operations with different customers or in different regions.

Acting as a critical ‘gateway’ to potential customers/buyers prior to an exit process.

Providing extensive insight and research for potential exit routes, often creating significant competitive tension in a sale process, even if the initial bidder is not the ultimate acquirer.


We are proud of our dedicated and experienced team of investment professionals who work in partnership to nurture and develop your business. It is the ultimate privilege for our team to be a trusted partner in the next step of your journey. 

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October 2023
Upcoming Spotlight report from Heligan Strategic Insights

In early November 2023, Heligan will be releasing its latest Spotlight report that takes a critical look at a post-conflict Ukraine and assesses eight key areas it will need to successfully address as it emerges from its brutal war with Russia.

October 2023
Warning from Lloyd's of London: Major Cyberattacks Could Cost Global Economy $3.5 Trillion in GDP Over 5 Years

Lloyd's of London's recent warning about a potential $3.5 trillion drop in global GDP over five years due to a major cyberattack on payment systems underscores the growing threat of AI-assisted network attacks, with the United States, China, and Japan identified as the most vulnerable nations.

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