Accessing capital to unlock growth

Accessing capital to unlock growth

Private Equity advisory

We appreciate the importance of aligning your business with the right partner who shares your ambitions and can provide more than just money. 


We have a long track record of identifying and matching entrepreneurial, fast-growing businesses with private equity funders to accelerate growth as part of a growth capital solution, minority cash-out sale or a private equity backed Management Buy-Out to bring in a supportive investor.

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Equity providers are often on the journey for 3-5 years and it is important that you align with a funder that has similar values and a strong cultural fit to ensure that the experience is value enhancing. We have built relationships with a wide range of funders, including VCT, EIS and Private Equity funds, who operate across numerous sectors that we can match to your opportunity.

As a group we know what equity funders will look for. Our equity advisory services are backed by a comprehensive approach comprising business plan review, independent funder market assessment, financial modelling, strategic advice and negotiating key funding terms.

Private Equity advisory FAQs
  • What is a Management Buy-Out? iconWhat is a Management Buy-Out?

    This is the sale of the business to an incumbent senior management team. Often the management team does not have the financial capability to fund the transaction. This is where there is the potential to raise debt and or private equity funding alongside other deal structuring to agree to a deal with the selling party. 

    For the management team, aligning themselves with the right supportive partner is key. Similarly, a Private Equity investor will not want to run the business and will be focused on ensuring that they have the confidence in the management team to deliver its plan and generate capital returns for all parties.

    Typically, management teams will benefit from sweet equity as part of a Private Equity backed deal to ensure alignment in the capital structure. We have vast experience in advising management and Private Equity through all elements of a Management Buy-Out. 

  • What do investors look like? iconWhat do investors look like?

    People deal with people. Whilst an investor will be focused on your financial profile and opportunities for returns, the single most important thing is whether the investor can back management to deliver the plan – they do not want to run your business. An experienced team can ride through the rough and the smooth and give the investor confidence that whatever happens in the future, they will be able to deal with it and drive ahead. 

  • Which investor is right for me? iconWhich investor is right for me?

    There is a broad spectrum of investors available but their appetite for your specific situation will be dependent on how that fund has been raised. Funds typically get raised based on certain criteria such as sector focus, stage of business, size of business, and geography. The earlier stage “pre-revenue” businesses will typically need to rely on friends and family, high-net-worths and potential pots of Government supported funding to raise their initial rounds. As the business scales up and commercialises it will open up more institutional funds and investors such as VCT, EIS, and Private Equity Funds. 

    We can guide you through the myriad of potential investors for your business and share experiences of who would be a likely best fit based on your specific company, team, and objectives as well as support you through the whole process, including due diligence management. 

  • What process will an investor undertake? iconWhat process will an investor undertake?

    A key part of a fundraising process is due diligence, which can take several weeks to complete. This is where a potential investor will usually appoint external third parties to scrutinise many aspects of your business – this can cover Financial, Tax, Commercial, Legal, Insurance, IT, and Management.  If you are not prepared, then this is where things can fall down. We can help you manage these workstreams to keep you focused on the day job. 

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