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Understanding the importance of aligning with the right private equity partner is at the heart of our advisory service.

We ensure your partner not only shares your vision but also contributes more than just capital. With extensive experience in the private equity sector, we have particular expertise at connecting entrepreneurial, rapidly expanding businesses with the ideal private equity funders. Whether you’re looking for growth capital, a minority cash-out, or a management buy-out, we facilitate partnerships that support and accelerate your business goals.

Expert private equity guidance

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Choosing the right equity partner is crucial, as these relationships typically last 3-5 years and must be mutually beneficial and aligned in values and culture. At Heligan Corporate Finance, we have established connections with an array of funding sources including VCTs, EIS, and private equity funds. Our extensive network spans various sectors, enabling us to expertly match your business with the ideal funder to enhance your growth journey.

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We understand exactly what equity funders seek and provide a suite of services designed to position your business optimally. This includes reviewing business plans, conducting independent assessments of the funder market, sophisticated financial modelling, strategic consultation, and negotiating crucial funding terms. Our goal is to secure a partnership that accelerates your success and aligns with your strategic objectives.

Private equity advisory FAQs: Your questions answered
  • What is a Management Buy-Out (MBO)?

    An MBO involves the sale of a business to its existing senior management team who may lack the financial resources to fund the transaction independently. This often necessitates raising debt and/or private equity funding. For the management team, choosing a supportive partner who trusts in their capability to execute the business plan and generate returns is crucial.

  • What do investors look like?

    Investors prioritise financial metrics and the potential for returns, but the pivotal factor is their confidence in the management team's ability to execute the business plan. The right investors are those who believe in the team's ability to navigate challenges and drive growth without the need to directly manage the business.

  • Which investor is right for me?

    The suitability of an investor depends on their fund's criteria, including sector focus, business stage, size, and geography. Early-stage businesses often rely on personal networks and smaller investors, while more established ones attract institutional funds like VCTs, EIS, and Private Equity. We guide you through identifying and engaging the best-fit investors based on your business's unique attributes and goals.

  • What does the investment process involve?

    Investment due diligence is a critical, comprehensive process involving external parties who assess various aspects of your business, from financials to IT. This scrutiny can be extensive and disruptive if you’re unprepared. We help manage these processes efficiently, allowing you to stay focused on running your business while ensuring everything is in order for potential investors.

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