Liquidity management

We treat cash as a distinct asset class, providing access to premier deposit opportunities for private clients, companies, UK charities, and trusts.

Following the last financial crisis, the persistent low interest rate environment diminished banks' appetite for new deposits, severely impacting returns on cash holdings. Up until early 2021, deposit yields were strikingly low, with rates below 0.1% for one-year terms. However, recent interest rate hikes and the evolving economic landscape have revived the attractiveness and importance of cash management, making it a key focus for investors.

As interest rates rise and the economic impact of inflation unfolds, the value of and demand for cash deposits have increased significantly. Managing liquidity effectively is now more crucial than ever for preserving and growing wealth.

Our approach to cash management:

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Unified access: Single hub account for accessing multi-bank deposit offers.

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Advanced tools: Extensive research and illustration capabilities.

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Robust platform: Fully functional liquidity management system.

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Choice of custodians: Access to a wide range of custodians.

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Flexible terms: Offers a variety of deposit terms to meet different liquidity needs.

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