Investing with confidence. Creating value through partnership

Investing with confidence. Creating value through partnership

Private Equity

Heligan Investments excels in driving continued growth by collaboratively developing comprehensive value creation plans alongside the management teams of our portfolio companies and providing unwavering support throughout the investment journey. 


We recognise the importance of contributing more than simply providing financial support to businesses and have invested in a dedicated team of ex-government and intelligence community professionals to provide genuine insight into the future decision making of key participants across our chosen sectors. We also work closely with our Strategic Insights team to tailor investment strategies to the business plans of our portfolio companies.

Investment criteria

At Heligan Investments, we are committed to creating a portfolio of market leading and high growth businesses across the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sectors.

Our mission is to support ambitious, profitable companies that not only demonstrate potential but also share our core values and make a positive societal impact.

We target on-sector businesses with company values up to £100m to support growth and development capital, management buy-outs, equity release and buy-and-build transactions. Typically, we invest up to £10m in each business but have the capacity to invest at higher levels for the right opportunity.

Geographically, we invest in companies in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

We offer flexible investment options, including both majority and significant minority equity investments, tailored to the unique needs of each business and management team.

Our focus

We invest in technology businesses in the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sectors

National Security

National Security

Governments need technology to discharge their duty to protect the nation-state, economy, and our way of life from strategic threats.

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Governments and businesses deploy technology to deter, disrupt, and detect criminality.

Public Safety

Public Safety

Governments and businesses deploy technology to safeguard people, infrastructure, and assets from risks to their safety, security, and reputation.

Sector expertise

As a specialist investor with a specific focus on critical products and services that serve National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety, Heligan Investments possesses unparalleled expertise and understanding of its macro and micro trends.

We offer deep domain knowledge across our specialist sectors and seek to invest in differentiated or disruptive technologies in an attractive end market. Whilst we will consider all opportunities that have provenance with our focus sectors, the graphic below provides examples of sub sectors that fall within our focus.

                    Sector expertise

  • National Security

    Software & Services 
    Cyber Security
    Data Analytics & Transport
    Intelligence & Risk

    Hardware & Systems
    Border Force Detection 
    Screening Devices 
    Anti-Drone Technology
    Defence & Counter Measures

  • Crime Prevention

    Software & Services
    Predictive Analytics 
    Crime Mapping
    Machine Learning 
    Digital Forensics
    Financial Crime Prevention

    Hardware & Systems
    Facial Recognition, CCTV & Monitoring
    Security Systems

  • Public Safety

    Software & Services
    Remote Monitoring
    Artificial Intelligence
    Risk & Threat Assessments
    Internet of Things
    Computational Behavioural Analysis

    Hardware & Systems
    Sensors, Materials & Power
    AV Communications 
    Safety Systems
    Physical Security

Our approach

We firmly believe that the best outcomes come through collaboration and partnership. Our approach is therefore to work closely with the management teams that we back, providing hands-on guidance and support through board representation and also through access to our wider portfolio and network.

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Our sectors explained

  • Heligan logo symbol National Security

    We advise and invest to keep the UK and her allies safe and protect our democratic values. The global threat picture becoming more complex coupled with rapid advances in science and technology, presents a very real danger and investment in supporting domestic and international deterrents is at the core of what we do.

    Our expert teams of finance professionals and former senior members of the intelligence and law enforcement community are able to fuse deep insights into the global threat picture with compelling advisory and investment instruments to create a unique proposition for businesses and investors alike.

  • Heligan logo symbol Crime Prevention

    At Heligan, we work with great companies and people who are at the vanguard of providing the proactive crime prevention capabilities law enforcement agencies and police forces need to keep citizens safe today and tomorrow.

    Advances in technology are transforming the future of crime. In response, we are committed to identifying the best-of-breed scientific and technological approaches necessary to bring the advantage back to those who protect our people and places in order to reduce crime and the causes of crime.

  • Heligan logo symbol Public Safety

    A government’s first priority is the safety and security of its citizens. Protecting our critical national infrastructure, our public places and the people who use them requires a mix of technology, investment, legislation, national strategy, and public awareness.

    There is a growing requirement to ensure our public spaces are safe and secure whilst maintaining freedom of access. High profile attacks as well as increases in violent street crime and organised crime all point to a growing need for effective Public Safety technologies. At Heligan, we invest in businesses that provide the next generation of solutions to ensure the public safety, well-being, and security of all citizens.

Our Portfolio

We invest in companies across the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sectors.

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Responsible Investing

We founded Heligan Investments with the overarching objectives of acting with integrity and operating to the highest professional and ethical standards. We maintain a clear and strategic vision, firmly rooted in the qualities and principles that are demanded by our investors and portfolio companies.

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We are proud of our dedicated and experienced team of investment professionals who work in partnership to nurture and develop your business. It is the ultimate privilege for our team to be a trusted partner in the next step of your journey. 

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