Driving top quartile returns through collaboration and partnership

Driving top quartile returns through collaboration and partnership

Our approach

Our approach to portfolio management since inception has been a proactive, hands-on ownership style, which is only possible due to the experience and expertise of our team. 


This is very different from other lower mid-market PE firms and enables us to develop deeper working relationships with portfolio companies. We consistently seek to execute business transformations in portfolio companies to create platforms for long-term, sustainable profit development and employment growth. This operationally driven model is fundamental to our value creation strategy and ‘hands-on’ investment approach.

Our criteria

We acquire majority or significant minority stakes in businesses, typically, we invest up to £10m in each business but have the capacity to invest at higher levels for the right opportunity.

We are sector focused, investing across the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sectors in the UK, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We dedicate significant time and resource to develop our portfolio companies and support management teams in achieving their strategic objectives.

Post-investment methodology

Following investment, we work in a collaborative partnership with management teams to design and deliver a successful business plan through the investment period. 

We recognise that you are the experts in your field but believe that we can add value through our global network, access to government and understanding of best practice to help you achieve your goals and ambitions. 

                    Post-investment methodology

                    Business planning

Business planning

At the heart of any successful business is a clear strategy and business plan. We work with our portfolio companies to design a strategy that can be implemented to accelerate its growth both domestically and internationally. 

Initially, this is a 100-day plan to be delivered immediately post-investment, but then a longer term strategy is developed, including diversification of products or services, geographical expansion, and acquisition targets. 

Buy and build strategy

If the opportunity exists to grow your business and value by way of a buy and build strategy, we will utilise our in-house Heligan Strategic Insights team to map your end market as part of our investment process.

Working in conjunction with you as the management team, this allows us to hit the ground running early in the investment period and potentially line up the first bolt-ons for soon after completion, thereby maximising the opportunity and driving growth. 

                    Buy and build strategy

Value creation

Our intent, vision, and aspiration is to grow an investment portfolio that materially helps to create and sustain resilience and prosperity for the UK and her allies which in turn keeps citizens safe and secure. We will underpin this through our robust approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), within the Group and its portfolio companies.


We have a growing portfolio of brands we have invested in, within the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sectors. 

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