SmartWater Group

Acquisition of SmartWater Group, a market leading forensic and perimeter intrusion detection group offering technology-led security risk management. 

Heligan introduced and advised Freshstream on its majority investment in SmartWater Group, strategically positioning Freshstream as the clear long-term partner through differentiated sector insight.

SmartWater is a globally recognised forensic liquid that carries a unique forensic code to act both as a deterrent to crime but importantly to track and prove incidents of crime. PID Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary, provides mobile CCTV solutions. These armoured camera systems connect wirelessly to a central monitoring station to protect building sites, and critical infrastructure.

Reza Fardad, Partner at Freshstream commented:

“Thank you to all the team at Heligan. Your advice and knowledge of the security sector was instrumental in helping us understand the opportunity and to successfully complete the transaction.”

Sector: Crime Prevention

Location: Telford, England

Value: £100m - £200m