Financial modelling

Financial models are crucial for supporting business decisions, especially during transactions. Our modelling provides valuable insights, helping you assess the financial implications of your strategic choices and bolster your plans.


Our team, rooted in accounting expertise, leverages advanced technical modelling capabilities to develop robust financial models. These models withstand rigorous due diligence, ensuring they support a smooth transaction and successful outcomes. We ensure each model is meticulously developed to accurately reflect your transaction's unique aspects and complexities.

Our models are designed to be user-friendly, while incorporating detailed features necessary for analysing various transaction scenarios, including sensitivities and different financing structures. We work closely with you to challenge and refine business assumptions, constructing each model from the ground up to ensure it's not only bespoke, but also pragmatic and aligned with commercial realities.

Comprehensive financial modelling for informed decision-making

Our financial models are meticulously designed to provide you with a complete and clear view of your business's financial trajectory. Our models typically include:

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Monthly integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow forecast

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5-year financials (2 year historical and 3 year forecast)

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P&L and balance sheet drivers and assumptions in one location

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User friendly outputs and lookup graphs to enable easy review and sense check

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Flexibility to explore multiple financial scenarios within the same model

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Alternative funding structure scenarios where relevant

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