Press Release - Heligan Group announces sponsorship deal

Heligan Group announces game-changing sponsorship of UK Polocrosse Association’s 2024 World Cup team.

Heligan Group is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with the UK Polocrosse Association as the lead sponsor for their South Africa 2024 World Cup team. This sponsorship represents not just a strategic investment in sports but also an exceptional opportunity for us to connect with an international audience.

This groundbreaking sponsorship agreement will see Heligan Group's branding prominently displayed across various team materials, including playing kits, online platforms, and event-specific advertising campaigns. This partnership highlights our commitment to community engagement and our support for sports that embody teamwork, strategy, and agility – qualities that resonate deeply with our own business ethos.

The sponsorship is a testament to our innovative approach to marketing and community involvement. It aligns perfectly with our growth trajectory as we continue to expand our team and service offerings. The visibility and networking opportunities afforded by this agreement are exceptional, making it a strategically astute move for Heligan Group.

This partnership is set to boost not only our visibility in diverse circles but also affirm our support for sports that play a crucial role in community development and engagement. As we forge ahead with our expansion plans, initiatives like these place us at the forefront of innovative corporate partnerships, demonstrating our commitment to value-driven investments and community support.

About Heligan Group:

Heligan Group is an intelligence led investment and advisory Group specialising in partnering with businesses that contribute to global safety and security. With a growing presence across various geographies, Heligan Group stands as a leader in our field, combining expertise with innovation.

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