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Heligan Group Executive Chairman to Lead Independent Investigation into HMP Wandsworth Incident

Heligan Group is immensely proud to announce that our Executive Chairman, Keith Bristow QPM, has been entrusted by the Government with the critical task of leading the Independent Investigation into the incident at HMP Wandsworth on 6 September. The investigation will delve into the circumstances that allowed Daniel Khalife to escape from the facility.

The scope of the investigation is comprehensive. It will examine the robustness of existing protocols at HMP Wandsworth, scrutinize the sufficiency of staffing and resources, and assess how these protocols were executed during the incident. Additionally, the categorization of the prisoner, the risk assessments, access to escape-facilitating materials, counting protocol implementation, and security measures related to the delivery vehicle will be rigorously evaluated.

Keith Bristow's selection for this critical role is a testament to his extensive career in law enforcement and security affairs. As the former Director General of the National Crime Agency, former Head of Crime for the Association of Chief Police Officers, and Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police he is an ideal choice to lead the investigation.

The paramount importance of public protection is underscored by the primary objective of this investigation: to unearth any shortcomings, extract lessons, and implement recommendations. This is with the aim to fortify HMP Wandsworth and the broader prison estate against any future incidents of a similar nature.

The Lord Chancellor has emphasized the urgency of this matter, requesting a prompt delivery of the investigation’s findings. The conclusions and recommendations drawn from this investigation will be submitted to both the Lord Chancellor and the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Justice.

Heligan Group stands fully behind Mr. Bristow, reinforcing our commitment to public safety and our confidence in his expertise in the domain.

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